Rock & Roll Quilt

Happy New Year!  I’m finally getting back to some sewing and quilting which makes me happy!  I got this t-shirt quilt back from the quilters last week and managed to get the binding on in record time.


This is a t-shirt quilt made from rock concert t-shirts that one of the teachers I used to work with collected over the years.  There were a lot of t-shirts in her collection!  I think there were something like 30+ and I wanted to use the backs and the fronts for most of them.  I puzzle pieced them together and used as little sashing as I could to keep the size down.  I didn’t have any border but my quilter suggested I add something to keep things from stretching so I added a 1.5 inch border that acts as a “picture frame” for the blocks.


Check out the extra wide backing fabric that I found at  It looks like old, ratty blue jeans and goes perfectly with the rock & roll theme.

I can’t wait to return my friend’s t-shirts all made into a quilt!

Another T-shirt Quilt

I’ve been hard at work on another t-shirt quilt.  I’m trying to piece this one together like a puzzle with no sashing and I just keep moving things around and cutting and sewing.

t-shirt quilt

These t-shirts are from an MU grad so I found some cute fabric to make a personalized border.


The border is still a work in progress but I wanted to share this latest project.


I’m still trying to decide on fabrics for my compass quilt and there’s only about a week left of school so hopefully I’ll have the fabric and be able to get it cut out soon after that.  I’m running out of time!  I may be cutting fabric during my personal quilt retreat (I’ll probably be cutting some grass too since my husband won’t be here) but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

T-shirt Quilt Almost Finished

T-shirt quilt top

With just a few days to go before she leaves for college, I got my daughter’s t-shirt quilt top finished.  I had the plan but just had to order more fabric.  I used the black fabric behind the shirt blocks to give a shadow effect and help to place them because they were all different sizes.  Then I added a little color with the checkerboard border on top and the little flair at the bottom also helped to even things up.

checkerboard border

name blocks

I like to add a lot of personalization to these quilts.  Now it goes on the pile to be quilted and I’ll have a little time to figure out what color I’ll bind it in.  To keep it simple, I’ll probably use the same grey as the background.