Rolling Waves quilt

I’ve been hard at work this past month on a special quilt for a special person.


This quilt is called “Rolling Waves” and it was designed by Jane Koelker.  It was featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine in September 2008 but it caught my eye a few years ago when it seemed like everyone online was making it.  Since then I’ve been wanting to make it too!  When our craft store had a big sale last fall, I downloaded the free pattern and bought a bunch of fabric.  I’ve seen this made in red and white and blue and white fabrics.  I went for navy blue and a grey-toned white.

I was able to get the whole quilt cut out last year before I got busy with other projects so it was all ready for me to put together this month.

This two color quilt is built using strip sets that are quickly sewn together before being cut into pieces for different sized 9 patch blocks.

IMG_2539 (1)IMG_2540 (1)IMG_2541

The illusion of “rolling” comes from the placement of three different sized 9-patch blocks.

To keep from getting bored, I worked on different sized blocks each day and built the quilt in sections.


It always helps when you can see that you’re making progress.

I was able to get about one third of the quilt finished each week.


The pattern called for a 3 1/2 inch plain border but I realized I had cut 5 1/2 inch strips for the border.  I guess I wanted to make sure that it would be big enough for a queen size bed.

When I added the 5 1/2 inch border, it just didn’t look right.  It was too plain and big.  I decided since I still wanted to keep it that size, that I would add a thin color border to frame it.  This quilt measures 85 inches square now.

During the sale, I also snagged enough fabric for the backing.  I bought a pale yellow fabric from Deb Strain’s Bee Joyful line.  It has happy sayings on it and bees, of course.

I love how this quilt turned out and I’m excited to get it off to the quilters and get it finished before the holidays!