Indian Summer update

Remember these quilt blocks?


It looks like I got everything cut and organized in April 2018.  Well, I finally made some progress with this!  I took my unfinished bits to a quilt retreat this past April and it was the perfect project to sew on while talking, eating and drinking wine.  I mean you just sew on the lines, press and trim – then repeat 83 times!

I got the triangles sewn together last week and that finished the middle part.

The next step was to cut out the outside pieces and then I crawled around on the floor to get the layout I wanted.

The directions for these patterns from Quiltworx are extremely detailed and if you just follow each step, things work out well.

indian summer1

The strips are sewn onto pattern pieces that have 5 strips on each.  The directions have you stack them with #1 piece on top and #5 on the bottom to make sure you get everything in the right place.

I’m not sure if I got everything in the right place but I did refer back to these photos a few times to make sure my pieces were going the right way so I tried.

There are 22 paper pieced sections around the outside of the quilt and 2 corner pieces.  (The other 2 corners are sewn together with a mitered seam.)  This is definitely one of those quilts where you wonder if things are going to work out.  Have faith!


I got all the strips sewn onto the papers.  These went together very fast.

Then I sewed the bottom and top borders on.  They went on very easily.  I only had to add the one extra strip that was suggested in the directions.  One of the side borders fit perfectly but one was a little too short.  I ended up taking off the last strip and making a bigger piece and sewing it back on.  (Luckily I had some extra fabric.)

The pattern called for taking the paper off the #1 and #5 parts before sewing the paper pieced sections together.  You leave the rest of the paper.  This helps to minimize stretching in the border and it seems to have worked great.

After getting all the sides on; I dove right into sewing the mitered borders together.


Those seams take a little finessing.

Then I sewed on the 2 corner triangles.

IMG_2230 (2).JPG

And this Indian Summer quilt top is done!!

I still need to sew a basting stitch around the outside before taking the rest of the papers out.  Hopefully, this will keep the quilt top from stretching while it’s being quilted.

Indian Summer project

While I wait for my block of the month projects to arrive in the mail, I pulled out this kit that my husband gave me last Christmas (2016!).  It looks like it will be a beautiful quilt and I can’t wait to complete it.


This is a Quiltworx pattern with all the extensive instructions they are known for.  It’s full of beautiful fall-colored Batik fabrics and I love every one of them.


Last year I managed to get all the fabrics cut and put together in pairs for each block.  I even sewed a couple together!

There are 84 of these triangle units for the inside part of the quilt and they’re all paper pieced.  Here, I’m showing how I use a postcard for the folding and trimming.

paperpieced indian summer

It gets a little monotonous.  Also, I’ve found that these tightly woven Batiks are a little troublesome for my sewing machine.  I’ve never had this much trouble with Batiks.  They keep breaking my thread and doing strange things to my machine.


I think I have about 27 triangles finished which means only 57 more to go.  I do a few at a time and then put it away again.  This is one of those projects that may take me a while to finish.

Maybe I’ll have all the triangles finished by this fall and then I can put it together.  However, there’s also a paper pieced border of strips so that might take a while as well.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this one!