I resolved this year to work a little every week on my UFO’s or, for those of you unfamiliar with quilting terminology, my “unfinished objects”.  This week I pulled out my spiderweb string quilt.

spiderweb quilt

You might remember this one.  It’s a string quilt using my fabric selvages and other scraps.  I’ve also been using any Halloween type fabrics and any fabrics with words on them.  I call it “Charlotte’s Web”.

My scrap bin is overflowing so I need to use those up.  I got this block made this week which brings my total to 9 blocks.

spiderweb blocks

That’s a little sad since I started making these almost 2 years ago.  The pattern calls for 20 blocks although I would be happy with 15 or 16.  They’re a little tedious with all the small strips sewn onto tracing paper which then has to be ripped off sometime after the block is sewn together.  I made 2 blocks last fall and they turned out and inch or more too big which baffled and frustrated me.  I think I accidentally added a seam allowance when the pattern already included it.  That’s one of the hazards of putting a project away for awhile – you forget how it goes together.

One good thing about putting a project away for awhile is that you find more cool fabrics to add to it.  I was picking something up at Joann’s last week and came across this fabric:

dictonary fabricDictionary fabric

It looked like newspaper to me at first so I thought it would be perfect for my Charlotte’s web blocks.  It’s called “Dictionary” and looks like pages from a dictionary which is still perfect for the quilt.  I only bought 1/8 of a yard of it because it was a little pricey but it motivated me to pull out my blocks and use my new fabric.

I just found out that Bonnie Hunter will be doing a couple of workshops for the Marshall, MO quilt guild in September.  One of the workshops is for her Smith Mountain Morning quilt which is another one of my UFO’s.  I’m wondering if I should take the workshop to motivate myself to finish it.  I’m sure she’ll give tips and shortcuts.  Honestly, for the past year, I’ve just been cutting fabric out for that quilt so it might take until September to finish cutting all the pieces!

On a different note, the 2015 Kansas City Star block of the month starts this weekend!  I think the quilt is called “Hazel’s Diary” and I’m excited to see what it looks like.  If you can pick up a Kansas City Star newspaper on Sunday, it’ll be in the House & Home section.  The blocks will come out every month on the 3rd Sunday.  If you can’t get the newspaper, the blocks are usually on their website (www.kansascity.com) for a few weeks and then you can find them at http://www.pickledishstore.com.