Cotton Candy Girl Quilt & Extra Blocks

I’ve been hard at work trying to design and make this baby quilt.  I saw a picture of a quilt with this pattern but never could find an actual pattern.  I worked it out on the EQ7 but that thing frustrates me because it gives me the long version of how to make the blocks.  I like shortcuts!  I thought maybe I could make a pink block and a white block and cut them in half & sew them back together but that didn’t work.  Oh, all the trials and errors.  I’m not the smartest cookie in the jar when it comes to math & geometrical stuff but I did finally get things worked out and I like how it turned out.

Cotton Candy Dreams quilt

I made half square triangles for the center and 2 outside corners of each block and added strips of pink and white.  This creates pinwheels where the blocks meet.  I kept it simple with pink & white borders.

Cotton Candy Dreams

Now for the exciting part!  I recently heard that Bonnie Hunter is coming out with a new book this Spring called “More Adventures with Leaders and Enders”.  Good for Bonnie but I was like, “What!  I haven’t even made any quilts from her first leaders & enders book!”  If you’re not a fan of Bonnie Hunter, you might be wondering what this is.  Leaders and enders are those little pieces you feed through before or after you sew your quilt pieces to keep the thread from getting bunched or pulling out of the needle.  Bonnie’s method is to keep a box of scrap pieces cut and by your machine and sew these together as you’re working on other projects and before you know it – you have another quilt!

For the last few years, I’ve been a chain-piecing maniac.  I realized how much less thread is wasted and how much less mess is created when you always have something under the pressure foot.  Not to mention how much time you save by not putting your pressure foot up & down and having to re-thread the machine when the darn thread pulls out.  Sometimes, though, you just run out of things to feed through the machine so an extra project that’s ready to go would be awesome.

I’ve had my eye on the Crabapples quilt from Bonnie’s “Adventures with Leaders and Enders” book for a few years.  According to the instructions, I only need 854 – 1  1/2 inch light squares and 829 -1  1/2 inch dark squares.  (If only I had started cutting out squares when I got the book back in 2011, I might be halfway done by now!)  I tried not to let this deter me and I got to work cutting into my stash.  I spent a couple hours last week cutting little squares.  I went house hunting in Moberly, MO and had a quick stop at Appletree Quilting in Columbia.  Now I have more fabric to cut into little squares.

Anyhoo, long story short, I cut some squares and pieced them while I was working on the baby quilt at the same time.  Super easy and I have 5 blocks done already.  Why have I not been doing this all along?

Crabapple blocks


Sweet Little Girl Quilt

I finally finished another baby quilt.  This one is made with pastel peach and white fabrics.  More of those 30’s reproduction prints that I keep finding in my stash.  I winged it with the pattern; putting 9 patches and snowball patches together.

Sweet little girl quilt

It’s a simple quilt that went together quickly.  I’d like to use some white flannel for the backing so it’s really soft.

Sweet little girl quilt

I’m also working on a cotton candy pink and white girl quilt.  I’ll post photos when I’m done.

Baby Quilts

People very often ask me to make baby quilts for them or ask if I have some baby quilts for sale so that’s what I’m working on these days.  Baby quilts are fun because they have such cute fabrics for kids plus they’re smaller and quick to make.

I found these fabrics on sale and put them together to make some boy quilts.  They’re not from the same line of fabric, just some I thought would go together.

fabrics for baby quiltsI found a picture of a cute baby quilt online designed by Amy Smart and had to track it down.  I love her blog over at  The quilt is called Cross Weave and it’s in a new book out called ” Modern Baby – Easy, Fresh & Fun Quilt Designs.”  The quilt in the book is made with pinks and whites; definitely a girly quilt but I thought it would look nice with these fabrics also.

My boy-ish Cross Weave

You can’t see real well since it’s been a little dark & gloomy here but the background is a light blue.  The quilt was super easy to make.  The directions in the book only took up 2 pages so you gotta love that.  Now I just need to get some fabric for the back and quilt it.  The quilt in the book looks like it was quilted with straight-line, criss cross type quilting so I’ll probably do the same.  Something simple yet durable.

I bought half yards instead of quarter yards  for this quilt because of a fabric sale so I had quite a bit left over.  I figured I would just make another quilt.  I found a fun tutorial at the Missouri Star Quilt Company web site called “Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt by 3 Dudes”.  This wasn’t a jelly roll but I was able to cut the leftover fabric into 2 1/2″ strips.

Fabric stripsThe tutorial tells you to sew the strips together in 4’s.  Then cut into squares and sew with fronts together but turned going in different directions.


After you sew those together, cut diagonally from corner to corner and then put back together in blocks.  These blocks were fun but if you have a little OCD, they can make you crazy!  I put them together a million different ways and finally decided there was no perfect way.  Random here is good.

DSC01476The bad thing is then when you start sewing, they tend to get messed up again.  Just sew and don’t look.

I ended up adding a couple different borders of different sizes until I ran out of fabric.  Now I have to get some more of the green polka dot fabric to finish it up but you get the idea.

Jelly Roll baby quilt

Jelly roll baby quilt

It turned out really cute.  Now I just need to do some quilting and I’m looking forward to working on some baby girl quilts.

Baby quilt

My brother-in-law and his wife are having a new baby next month but we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl.  I was racking my brain for what kind of quilt to make and in what colors.  I was inspired by a quilt in last year’s McCall’s Quilting Scrap Quilts magazine by Gerri Robinson called Le Jardin Cerise.  I loved the pinwheels inside of  scrappy blocks.  I shrank the blocks down from 8 inch to 4 inches to make a smaller quilt and made it in blues and yellows with red pinwheels.  I couldn’t decide what  exact size it should be so I added a couple of borders.

Baby quilt.

Pinwheel Baby quiltThe really great thing was that I didn’t buy any fabrics to make this!  I used the fabrics I had which actually wasn’t too  hard because someone gave me a whole box of 30’s reproduction fabric fat quarters a few years ago and I just haven’t had the occasion to use them yet.  Some of them had cute little cats and ducks on them so I thought they’d be great for this project.  I did buy the flannel for the back which is white with yellow & blue polka dots.

flannel back for the baby quilt

The more I look at the quilt though, the more I think it would be better for a boy than a girl.  I always think of pinks for girls but I guess we’ll see.  I figured I could always make another quilt after the baby is born if it is a girl.  I could even use this pattern and just change out the colors.