Updates on the Coronavirus quilt

I wanted to share some more of the embroidery pictures from the back of my Coronavirus quilt.  You might remember that I’m creating a pictorial backing for my quilt as a way to document our lives during this pandemic.


As you can see, my “expert” stitching gives it a real homespun quality.  (That’s what I tell myself anyway.)


I’ve discovered how hard it is to draw people and then make it simple enough to stitch around.






I have about five or six more images that I want to add but I’m happy that it’s coming along so quickly.

I recently packed up my sewing machine and am in the process of getting my sewing room ready to move.  We’re about 2 months away from the end of my husband’s contract here.  With everything that’s been going on, he’s having a hard time finding a follow on position.  I’ve lost count of how many interviews he’s had and of those, how many of the positions they’ve decided not to fill at the last minute.  Things are a little stressful but this project has been a nice distraction.

Obviously, I’ll have more to add to my story when we find out what the next chapter of our lives will be and luckily, this project is very portable!