More of the story…

I think I mentioned before that I wanted to create a pictorial version of my life during this pandemic on the back of my Coronavirus quilt.

Well, despite my inexperience with embroidery, I jumped right in.  Now, I’m not going for perfection here.  I just want to record a little history and tell my story in my own way.  (Please keep that in mind when you see my goofy pictures.)


I started by drawing out what I wanted it to look like.  I think the scale is off a bit here but it’s something to go on.


Then I got some embroidery floss or thread, whatever you call it.  I tried to go with colors that I used on the quilt front.  This was a little hard since I didn’t have it with me at the craft store and if you pick something up there – you bought it.  I have no idea how much I’ll need for this project.


I started in the middle of the quilt by folding and ironing to create some lines to work with.

Then I’ve just followed my plan.  Working out from the middle on the easy pictures first!


It’s a little slow going but ….well, I have plenty of time these days.


Here’s how the whole thing looks so far.  This is definitely flexing my artistic muscles these days.  I usually draw the picture on a piece of paper first (so I can erase if needed) and then I trace the drawing onto the fabric with a pencil and sew over the pencil lines.  I’m hoping I can gently wash this before I layer the quilt and quilt it to get the pencil lines off (and any blood from finger pricks – yes, that happened already).


10 thoughts on “More of the story…

    1. OK, I get inspiration from pics on the internet so it’s not all me! And I’m always very nervous about those iron off pens. I used one once on a quilt and it seemed like it never went away. It would be under my stitching so it’s not like I would really see it again if it doesn’t go away completely. I’ll try it.

      1. I used one to mark the center on a pillow I was making. The fabric was green and it left a white mark. It hasn’t been washed so I’m not sure if that will take it out. I haven’t had any problems on white fabric. I used one of those blue (water dissolving) pens to draw some embroidery once (book titles on my classic book quilt) and it kept coming back.

  1. What a cool way to document the Corona Virus!!!! Great job. Sometimes if you use your own saliva immediately on the blood spot, it will come out. I will keep watching for your progress. HAVE FUN with it!!!!

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