Stay Home Sewing

I haven’t been good about blogging during this pandemic but I feel like I’ve been busier than ever!  There’s extra cleaning and cooking and the grocery shopping – don’t get me started on grocery shopping!  Shopping for only two of us has become like planning a WWII military campaign.  I.. am.. not.. kidding.  There are apps and charts and color coded teams.  And now, someone is selling t-shirts based on our color coded teams!

So we’re only allowed to go on base every two weeks to go to the PX, commissary and get our mail at the mail room – and we get three days to do all this shopping.  We’re divided into color teams and we have to go on our color days.  As you can imagine, it’s difficult.  Of course we have the German stores and that’s where I’ve been doing much of my shopping but there are just some things we can only get on base. I won’t whine too much because we’re healthy and have plenty of food but it’s definitly taking up a big chunk of my life!

When I’m not cleaning or planning my shopping, I have gotten some sewing in.

I’m so thrilled that Bonnie Hunter has offered us a fun sewing project!  On her Quiltville blog she’s having a Unity Quilt-along.  I just finished organizing and cutting my scraps into usable pieces so I thought, why not?

This is a medallion quilt so we’re building it from the center out which is fun (and also, I’m thinking I can quit anytime and it’ll be a cute small quilt – we’ll see how long my fabric lasts)!


Here was the first week.  Pretty easy.  So Bonnie Hunter is calling it the Unity Quilt but I’m calling it My Coronavirus Quilt because: 1. it looks like coronavirus to me and 2.  I want it to be my scrapbook, my reminder of this time in my life.


Here was the second week.  It got a lot harder and took me most of the week to finish.

So this week we’re adding a border of stars.

tiny stars

These stars are so cute!  We need 36 of them and I’m thrilled that I already had all these blue squares cut up in my scraps and a ton of little red and aqua squares.  However, it’s Friday and I only have 5 made.

corona3 (2)

I’ll catch up eventually.

But do you want to hear something funny?  Our Base shopping group colors are Red, White and Blue.  Of course.

Last night, someone organized a shopping group color t-shirt order on Facebook which I thought was hilarious.  I sent the pictures of the shirts to both my kids since they’ve had to listen to  my complaining and BOTH of them asked what was to keep someone from buying all the shirt colors and shopping whenever they wanted.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, I won’t be able to look at this quilt without also remembering our shopping group colors.  Go white team!

I also have finished 2 baby quilt tops.

baby quiltbaby quilt2

Someone asked me to make a gender neutral baby quilt in grey and I used the fabrics for two different layouts.


And my hand quilting is coming along.  We’ve had some warm weather here in Germany so I’m sewing as fast as I can.  I don’t want to be sweating under this quilt as summer arrives.  I’m over halfway done on the Homemade quilt and want to share it soon with my thoughts on using the felt quilting templates.

Homemade quilt

Take care and stay safe everyone!

2 thoughts on “Stay Home Sewing

  1. Thanks for the update, especially on the virus quilt. Love the little stars. Will be anxious to see what you come up with for the remainder. We’re fine, just tired of not being able to go & do what we like to do. Really miss going to church. At least we don’t have the restrictions on grocery shopping like you have. I keep thinking this too will pass, but wondering WHEN. Keep the sewing going & posting.

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