Frolic Mystery quilt top finished!


I finally finished this year’s mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog!

It took a little time since there were many steps on the final clue.

I put all the blocks together and then had to put the sashing together and sew everything into rows.


That left a lot of jagged edges that had to be trimmed up before sewing on the first border.IMG_2454

I also had a bunch of spare parts after I had the main section of the quilt together!  I’ve never had this many left-over pieces before.


The two outer borders were pretty easy to put together and went quick.  I figured out after the first two that I needed to sew a full quarter inch for these.  Once I did that, they seemed to fit much better.


The first two sides that I sewed the borders onto were very easy.  The top and bottom sewn with the pinwheel blocks took a little more effort.  I must say, if I didn’t really want to get this quilt off my bedroom floor so I could walk there – I might’ve given up.  It just took a little patience and time but I got it done.

This is one stunning quilt and I’m really happy with how it turned out!  It’s also big!  85 inches square – so it’ll make a nice bed quilt.

I want to thank Bonnie Hunter for sharing this fun project; she really challenged me this year!