Some Holiday Sewing

I’ve been away from this blog for a while and really haven’t been doing much sewing lately.  Sometimes you need a break.

I have been hand quilting a quilt in the evenings and that’s coming along really quickly.  I’ll post some photos when I finish.

This week, the quilt guild I belong to hosts it’s holiday party and we have a stocking exchange.  We have to make a stocking a then fill it with some sewing goodies and then we have a crazy exchange.  It’s always a lot of fun and there’s stealing and lots of laughs.  We also donate small handmade items to the elementary school on base for a PTA “holiday store”.  The kids can buy these small things for their parents or family and the money goes to the PTA for special school programs.

I had put off making my stocking and school item until now, which is to say – the last minute.

I decided to make another heart pot holder to donate to the school and found some beautiful French General fabrics.


I still had the pattern from the one I made several years ago.

It’s really an easy project and I finished it in no time.

Then it was on to the stocking.  I didn’t want just a regular stocking, which is what I’ve made in past years.  I wanted something a little different.

I found an idea online on this blog called DIY Home Sweet Home.  The directions for a colorful elf stocking were very clear and I just altered it a bit.


I found some old packing paper and made a pattern for the size and shape of stocking I wanted.  I actually made 2 of these so I could sew fabric strips onto one.


The directions from the blog just called for sewing fabric strips together but I thought it would be easier to actually sew the strips onto the paper to get them just how I wanted on the curves.  (Plus, you know how much I love paper piecing!)  Once I was finished, I just ripped the paper off!  I also put some batting on the back and “quilted” on the seam lines just to give the stocking some body.  This is actually part of the directions for our stocking exchange – that the stocking be quilted.

After I sewed the back to the front and turned it right sides out, I stuffed a little loose Poly-fil into the toe to make it stick out just right.  The blog directions called for this and it was a great idea.

Then I made a slightly smaller pattern for the lining.


I cut out and sewed the lining together with right sides together and stuck it inside the stocking.

Apparently, I forgot to take photos of the making of the cuff section but it was a little complicated and it was getting to be the end of the day.

Some math was involved to figure how long the cuff needed to be and then how many pieces of fabric and what size they should be.  I guess I was a little off on this because I ended up taking one section of fabric off at the end.

IMG_2399 (2).JPG

I sewed the colorful pieces of fabric together and laid it on top of the backing fabric, traced the lines to sew on and then sewed them up and down all together.

Then I trimmed the fabric, turned it and ironed it all flat.

I pinned the ribbon between the lining and cuff just so and sewed the cuff on.  Don’t ask me which way everything was facing – it’s a Christmas miracle that it all came out the right direction!

The last thing to do was fill it with fat quarters and chocolates and all the kinds of things quilters like!

The last bit of sewing I did before the meeting was a special quilt block that will go into a Comfort quilt for one of our members who is ill.

I had to share this Sunflower block since it’s so cheerful and sweet.


I think it will be a pretty quilt and I hope it brings this lovely lady much comfort and joy.