Beauteous Quilt

IMG_2271 (2).JPG

I just finished the “Beauteous” quilt top!  It went together surprisingly fast, probably because the blocks are so big.  I spent about a month making the 42 blocks for the quilt and was able to put it all together this past week.

I had decided to order more fabric and add some borders to make it bed sized and the fabric came on the day I started putting it together.  I love when things flow nicely like that!  The original pattern made a 60″ X 70″ quilt but mine now measures 78″ X 88″ with the added borders.

As you can see, with all these curves, there’s a little waviness and some lumpy.   I think this quilt would be ideal for the big stitch quilting so if I quilt it myself by hand hopefully, I can gently smooth things as I go.  I want to try using a wool batting this time in hopes that it will be a little thicker and fluffier.  I just think these colors would make a nice fall or winter quilt and I want it to be warm.

IMG_2269 (2).JPG

As usual, it’s hard for me to get the whole quilt in the photo and I don’t have a great place to lay them out but I hope you can see the type of border design I used.  It’s the same border that I used on my spiderweb quilt.  It’s just something simple but a little different.

IMG_2267 (2).JPG

I decided to use the yellow from the quilt for the border because the person I made it for likes yellow and I had enough of the turquoise fabrics to add the thin stripe.  There are so many colors in this quilt that I could have used any of them and it would’ve looked nice.

I look forward to hand quilting this quilt made with such soft Indie Folk fabric.  I’ll be sure to share the finished quilt with you!