1930’s Farmer’s Wife Quilt finished!

IMG_2250 (3).JPG

I put all my finished blocks into the layout I wanted.  Then I moved things around until I thought everything looked the best.

IMG_2252 (2).JPG

These setting triangles required some math ( that didn’t quite work out because I added the sashing dimensions to each block).  They ended up larger than I needed and so it was easy to just cut a little off.

Then it was just the tedious task of sewing the rows all together.

You can see I laid out my border fabrics to see how all the different colors would look together.

IMG_2259 (2)

I had this sweet lavender fabric that I originally wanted to use for my smaller border but after laying everything out, I realized there was a lot of yellow in the quilt and a different yellow fabric seemed to pull the whole thing together.

IMG_2254 (2)

The quilt came out looking very feminine and summer-y with all the pastels.  It now measures at 72 inches x 91 inches.

IMG_2256 (3)

It was so much fun to make but now I have to decide if I’ll hand quilt it or have it machine quilted.

6 thoughts on “1930’s Farmer’s Wife Quilt finished!

  1. I love it. It turned out beautifully. I was thinking of you last week and looking back at some of your old posts. I was tempted by a Jen Kingwell and debating if I should buy “My Small World” or “Long Time Gone” or let them pass!

    1. I enjoyed working on Long Time Gone until it was time to put it together. That part was hard. My Small World looks cute but also like a lot of little pieces.

  2. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your quilts get more beautiful with each one. Your quilting skills totally amaze me!!! You truly have a gift!!! Since it’s a heritage theme quilt, I would probably hand quilt it. Just my two cents.

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