Pin Cushion Sewing

The quilt guild I belong to is having a pin cushion swap this month and I’ve had fun browsing through Pinterest looking for pin cushion ideas.  I finally found one I really liked and bought the pattern from the Heather Bailey webpage .

IMG_2191 (2).JPG

She has some adorable pin cushions and other sewing patterns and kits.

I ordered the Seymour Spyhop pattern and kit so all I had to do was sew it.


First, I cut out the pattern pieces.  These are small!


Included with the pattern was some fusible interfacing that you iron onto the fabric pieces and then cut out all the whale parts.

The first thing to sew were the flippers and optional fin.  I wanted to do the WHOLE thing so I included the fin.  There was a lot of clipping the curves for this project.


Then I sewed the bottom together and added my Orca parts.  So far, not too hard except for a lot of hand stitching.

Then I had to baste the fin to the top, sew the darts in the head and put the top part together.


Sewing the top to the bottom was the trickiest part.  I pinned a lot and went very slow.

After stitching the whole thing together, you  have to turn it right sides out.  I hate this part because it takes a little finessing.   Trying to get the whole thing turned through the little hole takes some patience.

Then it’s time to stuff him!  I used ground walnut shells to give it weight and make it a sturdy pin cushion.


I performed some delicate surgery to close him up.


How cute is this!

But wait … there’s more!


The pattern and kit came with a little bonus crab friend for our pin cushion whale.

He’s cut from red felt and stitched together by hand very quickly.


I spent a few hours on this project and I would definitely make another one.  Of course, this one will no longer be mine after the swap so I may need to make another one.

According to my pattern, you can get a little sailor cap pattern online so I think the whale without the fin but with a sailor cap would be a cute gift for my daughter-in-law in the Navy.