Baby Quilts x 2

The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on some baby quilts for a friend who is having twins!

I pulled out my notebook where I keep all the patterns I’ve collected to see what I should make.  One pattern I had is called “Cuddly Critters” and it’s a tumbling blocks pattern.  This pattern was in the Summer 2012 Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts and is designed by Patti Carey.

The pattern came with instructions to use the Fons & Porter 60 degree Diamond and Pyramid Rulers or cut out the templates included in the magazine.  I don’t have the rulers so I used the templates.


This quilt was really easy to make.  The key is to use light, medium & dark variations of the same color to create the 3-D block effects.

I pulled out three fabrics and got started cutting but quickly figured out I didn’t have enough of those fabrics.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if I read the whole pattern first?!) That’s when the quilt became more scrappy!  I had to find fabrics that were the same shade as the first ones and I mixed them in.


The fabrics I used were very geometric and maybe it’s that or just the combination of  different fabrics that give this little quilt a modern feel.

This quilt was fun and easy to make and then I bought some flannel to use for backing.  I ALWAYS forget what a pain flannel is to work with!  I layered everything and used my walking foot to quilt around the blocks.  The flannel also makes the quilt a little heavier than I wanted but over time, with washing, it should soften and thin out.

It quilted fine but then when I sewed the binding on, there were issues.  Maybe the flannel doesn’t move through the feed dogs at the same rate as the top or have the same amount of stretch?  I don’t know but my top kept coming out longer.  It definitely took some wrangling to get that binding on.

The second quilt was a pattern my husband picked out.  It’s called “Pinwheel Baby Quilt” and I found it here on the Moda Bake Shop.  It’s by Jodi at Simply This That and The Other.

The pattern called for using a Charm Pack and I did use some Charm Pack pieces but also some of my own fabrics so I would have more choice in colors.  I wanted it to have more greens.

This quilt is a simple pinwheel pattern but has these fun Prairie Points added to the outside border.


There was a little time spent cutting, folding and pinning these to the inside of the quilt.

And of course, when I bought the flannel backing for the other quilt, I also bought some for this quilt.

I now have the whole thing sandwiched together and I’m trying to decide if I want to go ahead with the flannel on the back or switch to regular cotton.


It’s a sweet and fun baby quilt no matter what’s on the back.  I plan to use my walking foot again to quilt diagonal lines with the pinwheels and I have some fun green polka-dot fabric for the binding.

I can’t wait to give these quilts away and meet these baby boys!