French Quilt Show 2018

I have to share some photos from my weekend.  I was able to attend the European Patchwork Meeting in France again this year!  This time I went with two ladies from my quilt guild and we spent three days and saw EVERYTHING and had a blast!

The show stretches across 4 picturesque Alsatian towns and something like 20 venues.  My feet were tired but my eyes were so happy!

So this area of Alsace is one of the places where the Amish in America came from and they still take pride in having those ties.  This year, they again had several Amish and Mennonite quilts on display.  They were beautiful.


Danny Amazonas was one of the quilt artists at the show this year and his bright work was stunning.  I loved it.


Dorte Jensen’s portraits in fabric were also amazing.

We saw an exhibition of African quilts by the Kenya Quilt Guild and the quilts of the Salama Mamas.  These ladies continue the tradition of quilting by using what you have and they’ve created their own techniques.

The quilts of Japanese artist Shizuko Kuroha were some of my favorites.  I loved the subdued colors and textures of the fabrics she uses and the tiny, intricate blocks that make up the design of the quilts.


Check out the tiny blocks that make up this quilt when you look closer.  All of her quilts are like that.

The quilt show was accented by the storybook towns of the Alsace region and the delicious Alsatian food which has a German quality to it.


We stayed over the mountain on the Alsatian wine road and had dinner here in Ribeauville one evening.  The vineyards, the flowers, the towns – everything was beautiful!

There’s a company based in this area called Beauville that makes table linens and they had an exhibit about how many of their table linens have been inspired by the animal kingdom.  They were selling scrap bags of bits of their linens.

I couldn’t pass up a scrap bag!


These scraps are a little thick but I can definitely use them in a scrap quilt.  And when I do, I’ll remember this amazing trip!