40 Shades of Grey Finished!


So I received the last package for my block of the month.  It was the fabric for the setting triangles and the pieces in between all the blocks.

I really did not like the fabrics they sent for this (as I suspected).  One didn’t even have stripes!  So… I pulled out the fabric that I had ordered for this possibility.  The pattern called for 2 different striped fabrics (although from the picture, I couldn’t tell the difference).

I just used the one fabric.


Let me just say also that the directions on this section were not good.  The directions for the setting triangles was helpful but the different pieces to fill in between the blocks – not so much.  I was wondering if this quilt pattern had been tested.

The cutting out is important because you need to know which way the stripes go.  Some blocks said and others didn’t.  I couldn’t figure out where some of the pieces went on the quilt – in fact, one I tossed since there was no place to put it.  And I had to cut another that wasn’t on the pattern.

The whole assembly was – interesting.


First I laid out the pieces where they looked like they belonged.


Then I added the setting triangles and the filler blocks.

Next, I started in the top left corner and sewed the blocks together in rows. Actually, I started there and then just went around the quilt and added blocks together where they went together and then I was left with blocks or sections that had inset seams.

This took me all day.

Then there was lots of trimming – as you can see, most of the setting triangles are bigger than needed.

After that, I added the 2 borders.


I really love this bright, fun quilt!  My next step is to find some backing and get it ready to hand quilt over the winter.

I’m planning to use the “big stitch” method again although I’m not sure exactly what design I’ll use.  I’m looking forward to having a project to cozy up with in front of a fire and my favorite movies during the cold winter months and this bright one will be a joy to work on.

4 thoughts on “40 Shades of Grey Finished!

  1. Your experience mirrors mine! Can’t help but think there must be pattern corrections somewhere. I’m “custom tailoring” too!

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