Clamshell Garden


I’ve just finished the final blocks for the 40 Shades of Grey BOM quilt I’ve been working on for almost the last year.  This one has spanned the past 2 months since they only sent half of the fabrics last month and the rest of the fabrics this month.

These four blocks are called “Clamshell Garden” and they’ll be spread out throughout the quilt.


I don’t mind telling you that I’m glad to be finished with these circles!  And the clam shells too!


These circles and clam shells had to be worked mostly by hand.  The circles are all over this quilt and my “Perfect Circles” templates are looking a little worn out.  I used basically the same technique for the clam shells although the pattern called for gluing the fabric around the template.  I just used a running stitch by hand and then ironed the fold.  The last step was to use my thicker grey thread and make a backstitch over the circles and clam shells to applique them to the block.  I found this worked really well and didn’t goop up my template so I could use it over and over again.

Like I said, these are the final blocks and I’m just waiting for the striped fabric to come in the mail so I can put the entire quilt top together.  The striped fabric will be the setting triangles and will fill in a few areas between the blocks.

All my blocks stacked and ready to go!

I was looking ahead in the pattern book to see if I could put some blocks together now but I realized that nothing in this quilt looks like it goes together very easily.


The directions say to start at the upper left corner and sew the blocks together in rows.  Uh… it looks like this will work in some places but not in other places.  The blocks don’t always line up.  And the one clam shell garden actually makes a corner so that will be interesting.  There’s one note in the directions that says “because of the varying sizes, some of the seams will need to be partially stitched when putting the blocks together and finished after the next block has been attached.”

OK I’m not looking forward to that part.

For now though, I’m enjoying my Clamshell Garden.


So check back to see how this goes next month – or a few months as this could take some time!


One thought on “Clamshell Garden

  1. WOW!!!!!!! What a project!!!!! I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m sure that you will work it out!!!!

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