On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt

I finally got started with my “On Ringo Lake” Mystery Quilt this past week!  (Now that it’s no longer a mystery.)

Bonnie Hunter offers a fabulous mystery quilt every year on her Quiltville website.  She usually posts the first part the day after Thanksgiving – which I have to say, is not a good time for me.  Then the quilt clues usually show up once a week until around the first week of January when she reveals what the quilt should look like.

The quilts really are beautiful – and detailed.  I started one a few years ago and then got overwhelmed by ALL the pieces to cut.  But when I see the quilts people have made from her mysteries, I want to make them too but guess what…?  The patterns are gone!!  She only leaves the clues on her website for about a month and then they’re gone.

This year I made a point to print out the clues as Bonnie posted them.  I could tell from the color reveal (she posts paint sample cards) that I had none of the fabric colors she was using.  I started to buy a few fat quarters here and there and put them away with the clues that I had printed out.

Last week I was cleaning my sewing room and found the bag of fabric and the folder of clues and decided it was time to get started on this quilt before Bonnie comes out with yet another mystery quilt.

I think this Part 1 was easy this year.  Maybe she didn’t want to overwhelm anybody!


Part 1 is to make 50  9-patch blocks.  And the pattern called for using strip sets to do it so it wasn’t too hard.



So I have the first step done and I even got the fabric cut out for Part 2.


200 Coral rectangles and 400 little background squares.  It took just a little time.  At this point I realized that I didn’t buy enough fabric so I used up almost all my coral fabric.  Before I get to Part 3, I need to find some more.

My goal is to have this quilt top done before Bonnie comes out with her 2018 mystery quilt the end of November.

2 thoughts on “On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt

  1. Have fun with this project!!!!! That’s the important part !!!!!! Anxious to see the finished product!!!!

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