Moose Quilt

I’m making a big push to finish my UFO’s or unfinished projects and today I checked one more off the list.  I finished my Morley J. Moose quilt.


The top was all finished and I even had it stuck to some batting.  I just needed a back and to quilt it.  I had some bright yellow backing left over so I had to do some piecing to make it fit.  With the quilting, I got to use my darning foot or free motion foot for my Janome.  I bought it last fall but really hadn’t had a chance to use it.  It works great and this little quilt was small enough that getting it into my machine was no problem.


I played around with some different motifs inside the moose and then did a stipple in the background and some lines around the outside.  The whole thing was just fun.

I had stored some strips with the quilt and I assumed those were the binding strips.  I put them together and thought they seemed a little narrow.  I thought maybe the pattern called for a 2 inch binding which is smaller than I usually use but sometimes when it’s a small piece, the binding can be smaller.  I still thought they seemed small as I was sewing them onto the quilt but then when I got to the end and measured for the seam to close off the binding; I realized these were 1 1/2 inch strips!  I was really wondering if it would work at all but by that time – the deed was done.  Well, it took some ironing and some pulling but I got the binding sewn onto the back.  It’s not pretty but since it’s a wall sized quilt, it won’t get a lot of handling.  I don’t know what happened there.  I can’t find the pattern anymore so I don’t know if it called for small binding strips or did I completely goof and cut them the wrong size?  Anyway it’s finished.

My friend gave me her easy method for adding a label and I followed her instructions.


It was easy since you sew it in with the binding.  Plus, this white half-square piece of fabric just fell out when I was going through my unfinished projects – it was practically begging to become a label!

5 thoughts on “Moose Quilt

  1. Mr. Moose looks great!!!! I like the narrow binding. The wider binding might have distracted from the design. Glad that you have a neat way to label your piece. That makes sense.
    Keep up the posting. I enjoy seeing what you’re doing!!!!

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