Long Time Gone July BOM

I get so excited when I get my block of the month fabrics for this quilt – and also a little amazed at how small the envelope is!  The pieces are very tiny so there’s not much fabric here.

This month we’re working on Section 3 of the quilt and I was a little upset that we didn’t get the fabrics to do the whole section.  BUT, I did what I could and here’s an update:


So this month we did the bow tie block and the courthouse steps blocks for Section 3.  I went ahead and cut my sashing and made the filler checkerboard pieces.  We’re missing a half square triangle block.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever made courthouse steps blocks but it looks like these came out a little “wonky”.  I’m hoping that when the whole loud thing is put together, no one will notice a few crooked blocks.

These fabrics are so fun and bright!  I have to admit, I’m having so much fun with this block of the month that I signed up for another one that starts next month called “Forty Shades of Gray”.  It’s another bright and busy quilt that I just couldn’t pass up. (Maybe we don’t tell my husband?)


These are the quilt pieces so far.  I feel like we’re about halfway through but the quilt is not halfway done.  I wonder how this will work out?

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