Long Time Gone update

I see that I’m a little behind on my blog posting.  But life has been crazy around here!  We’ve been traveling and had guests and our things came from the states so I’ve been unpacking.  Summer is great for being outdoors and I have to admit, my quilting has suffered.

I promise you I’ve been keeping up with my Long Time Gone block of the month even if I haven’t been posting them.

So this month I received the light grey fabric that the sashing is made from and I was able to put together some of the finished blocks.  This quilt is put together in sections since it’s basically a sampler quilt.  Then the grey fabric pulls everything together.


This is section 1 which will be in the upper left hand corner.


This is section 2 which will be right below Section 1, I believe.


And here they are together.  There are five sections in this quilt as well as some checkerboard fillers so there’s still a lot to do.  I’m enjoying the block of the month as it’s not too much at one time.  I love the anticipation of waiting for my package to come in the mail so I can build my quilt a little bit more.  And believe me, there are tiny bits of fabric in these packages and I’m always sure they didn’t send me enough but it somehow it works out.


3 thoughts on “Long Time Gone update

  1. This quilt will TRULY be a treasure. Somehow the process & where you are when you’re making it needs to be recorded. That’s the historian in me!!! Ha. Have fun!!!!

  2. You’re creating a Historical piece & history is the recording of events. That’s the teacher in me.

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