Long Time Gone

IMG_1070 (2)

The new block-of-the-month quilt that I just started is called “Long Time Gone” by Jen Kingwell.  It sounds like my life right now!  I’ve been gone from this blog for a long time now because of all the events going on in my life.

We packed everything up in Italy (OK, it wasn’t that much) and we moved to Germany.  My husband had the opportunity to take a job here in Stuttgart where we were before he retired.  We’ve always loved Germany so we decided to go for it.  Things moved quickly after he said yes and the movers (yes, this company has movers!) came and got our stuff.

I really, really tried to figure out how to squeeze my sewing machine in the car but we had clothes and bedding and computers and it just wouldn’t fit.  I did bring my hand sewing and some other projects.

This block-of-the-month pattern and fabric came in the mail last week!  I signed up for it through the Homestead Hearth website.  It’s going to be a fun, colorful project.  There were a lot of small pieces in the bag this month which looks like how it’s going to be every month but I love that scrappy, sampler look.

I’m lucky because I can rent a sewing machine and space to work at the Arts and Crafts center on the base here in Stuttgart.  We’re still in temporary housing so it’s been nice to go there and do some sewing and meet other sewists, er sewers – some nice ladies.

The other project I brought with me are the Acorn’s Promise blocks that I was working on before we left Italy.  This is going to be a quilt for a friend there.

This is the second Acorn’s Promise quilt that I’ve made and it’s a challenging block but fun.  There are 5 trees in this quilt and so far, I have 3  1/2 finished!  Next week, we move into our house here and I’ll have my machine back and I hope to make faster progress.


So that’s the update of my life and projects in case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been gone so long.  I hope to be back soon!