Time for Something new

The fabric I ordered came in last week and I got the Sister’s Choice quilt put all together.  I wasn’t really happy with the blue fabric.  It looked a little lighter in color online than the blues I used for the star points but when it arrived, it was a lot lighter and BRIGHTER.  Oh, well.

The light colored fabric I used for the outer border is very old.  I think I bought that when my son was a baby.  The point of this quilt was to use up lots of my fabric and it definitely did that.  I sandwiched the whole quilt and eagerly got to quilting it.

What was I thinking?  This sewing machine is tiny!  I had a little wrestling match getting it into the machine.  I was so excited to try out the walking foot but then was very disappointed in the results.  My other machine never had a walking foot because Pfaff has the “integrated dual feed” system.  I have some options here: 1. un-sandwich and mail to quilter back in the states, 2. power through the quilting, 3. hand quilt, 4. tie the quilt.

I’ll think on this dilemma for awhile.  But in the meantime… time to start a new project!

I routinely cut out pictures of quilts that I want to make and put them in a binder.  This new project was one of those and when I went looking for the pattern, I was excited to find it for free online!  The quilt is called Global Warming by Anthology.  It was made originally to use Anthology’s line of Batik strips.  It just takes 100 2.5″strips of fabric.  I thought a couple of jelly rolls wouldn’t take up much room in my boxes to mail so that’s how I decided on this project.  Most jelly rolls have 40 strips in them and I brought 2 so I knew I would need to order another.


The main thing about this quilt is that your blocks have to be distinctly light, medium or dark.  I separated my fabrics and figured out that I needed more dark so I ended up ordering 2 more jelly rolls. (What the heck – you can never have too many Batik strips.)


I love working with Batiks!  They’re so bright and cheerful, it’s like working with a rainbow.  I guess we’ll see if I was successful separating and selecting light, medium and dark colors when the quilt is finished.

Here are sample blocks:

img_0235The blocks are very simple.  Two of the strips are sewn together and then cut into 16 pieces to make 2 – 16 patch blocks.  These are sewn together according to the pattern, then there will be cutting and sewing like a large drunkards path block.  It should be interesting.


I have all my dark blocks waiting to be put together.

One thought on “Time for Something new

  1. Your new project looks exciting!!!! For your other project, I would either send it to the states or try your hand at hand quilting. You might just like it!!!! The light blue just framed your piece. It will be just fine.

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