New Machine-Old Project


I’ve been playing with my new sewing machine and I kind’ve like it!  I wasn’t able to bring my Pfaff sewing machine because it was just too big to mail or bring on the plane with me.  I debated forever about what to do and finally decided to get this small Janome machine.  It’s the DC 2014 and it came in the box with lots of really good packing.  It’s a lightweight, basic machine although it’s definitely made with the quilter in mind.


It came with a quarter inch foot, although I’m not used to this kind with a stop guard on it.  It also has a walking foot for quilting.  It has a needle down option and you can drop the feed dogs.  It’s got everything that I need for piecing and I think I can do some basic straight line quilting.

So I mailed this sewing machine in the box, got the extra insurance and crossed my fingers.  It arrived in perfect condition – thank you USPS!  I got a transformer and a table and I’m back in business.

I’ve been working on adding the binding to my Charlotte’s Web quilt.  I dropped it off at the quilter when I picked up the wedding quilt and it arrived at my Mom’s house a couple days before we flew here.  I just left it in the box and took it back to the post office.


I had them quilt it with a spiderweb pattern.  The blocks are so big that the spiderweb doesn’t fit perfectly in the web but it’s an all-over design and it still looks nice.  There’s a lot going on with all these scraps so the all-over quilting just adds to it.

I’m so glad I brought this quilt.  We need something light on our bed since it’s so hot here.


And check it out!  Now I have an awesome place to take my quilt pictures from – the landing to the second floor.

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