A Quilty Roadtrip

20160223_140321We’ve been having some nice weather here in Missouri so a friend and I took a road trip to Hamilton to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co.  All I can say is “Wow”!  This place has changed.  You might remember that I made the trip here from Kansas City about 3 years ago.  They just had this store (above) and we couldn’t find anyplace to eat lunch.

The original store is now closed and undergoing renovations to become the quilting welcome center.  But don’t worry, there are 11 other quilt shops to look through!


The shops are all super cutesy and the fabrics in each one are themed.  There’s the flower shop with all flowery fabrics, the holiday shop, the baby shop, primitives, civil war reproduction, 1930’s reproduction, etc., etc…  Basically there’s any kind of fabric you could want and some you didn’t even know you wanted.


Quilters have taken over this town – but in a good way.  There are murals on the downtown buildings.  The one opposite this is a railroad mural so the town’s history is being celebrated too.

Missouri Star has their own restaurant now called “Blue Sage”.  We didn’t eat there this time but had an excellent burger at “J’s Burger Dive” which was quick and got us back to fabric shopping in no time.


This whole block of stores have been taken over by the Missouri Star fabric shops (even upstairs).  The Penney’s store at the end of the street is where you can find fabric solids.  I’ve never seen such a rainbow of fabric solids – it was beautiful.  The ladies working there told us this was the 500th store that J.C. Penney opened and where he retired from.  He had a farm outside of town.

I have to mention that the shops include one called “Man’s Land” which is a manly place with recliners and pool tables and sports on the TV.  A place to park your husband while you go shopping!  These people are geniuses.

One thought on “A Quilty Roadtrip

  1. I have driven past Hamilton many times, even had a burger at J’s once, but didn’t have the time to go into those shops. Now that I see your photos and read about them I know I must plan to do this soon!

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