Smith Mountain quilt top

This quilt top is ready to be quilted!


This quilt went together beautifully until I got to the outside border strips.  I guess my seams were just a little off or I hadn’t trimmed them up perfectly at 3 1/2 inches but after 25 blocks were put together, things just didn’t measure up correctly.  I had to resew several seams on all four sides to get those outside borders on.  It wasn’t too terrible.

We had a beautiful, sunny day and I had 2 quilt holders at home so I put them to work holding up my quilt outside.


Unfortunately, I didn’t finish until the end of the day and there was a shadow from the big tree in the backyard.  Well, we tried!

So this quilt is ready to be sent to the quilters and I’m ready to move on to the next one!

Putting Smith Mountain quilt Together


I just have a few more blue star blocks to make but I was anxious to start laying things out and see how this quilt is going to look.


It’s a very masculine quilt which is why I originally choose it for for my son.  I’m not sure if it’s a great wedding quilt but I have time constraints.  Let’s face it though, if my future daughter-in-law doesn’t like this one I just have a reason to make another!

I hope to have the center of this quilt finished by next week so I’ll post my progress.