Some Cutting & Sewing on Smith Mountain

I dug out the Smith Mountain Morning quilt pieces that I started cutting out a couple years ago and realized that I hadn’t actually cut out that many.  Darn!  If you’ve ever made a Bonnie Hunter quilt, you know there are hundreds of little pieces to her quilts.  (Maybe why I put it away?)  So I spent the past week and a half just cutting out fabrics and I don’t think I’m completely out of the woods yet because I didn’t even get to the border pieces.  I think I at least have all the pieces for the blocks cut out which is something.  I kept telling myself that what makes these quilts so awesome is the sheer number of little pieces.

pieces for quilt


Today, I got started sewing.  I decided to start with the log cabin blocks – don’t ask me why.  I got all 28 of the center quarter-square triangles done and got started sewing all 336 of the little muslin squares to the ends of all 168 of the blue log pieces.  (OK, I probably only have about 35 of those done.)  I’m pacing myself.  BUT, I did get one whole block done just to say I did it!


This is progress.  I counted and there are 28 pieces of fabric in each block!  I won’t bore you with the math of 28 blocks and then those other 28 blocks.  The key to getting this done seems to be chain piecing – just feeding one piece after the other through the machine.

chain piecing

It can get a little monotonous so I only work on the quilt for an hour or so at a time.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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