Progress Report

This week I finished all 28 of the log cabin blocks for the Smith Mountain Morning quilt!  They went faster than I thought they would since my goal for this week was to have half of them done.  There’s nothing like a cold, snowy January week to get lots of sewing done!


I realized towards the end that I’m not the best counter when it comes to cutting out tons of tiny pieces so I had extra of some pieces and I was short of other pieces and had to cut more.  Here are all my extra pieces.


The next step is to make the star blocks.  There are 16 blue star blocks and 12 brown star blocks.  Each of these stars has a pinwheel center so I’m working on those first.

This means sewing 112 half square triangles and then cleaning up those squares and sewing them together into pinwheels.


One done!

They’re calling for more snow so I’m sure I’ll have these all done before you know it.

Some Cutting & Sewing on Smith Mountain

I dug out the Smith Mountain Morning quilt pieces that I started cutting out a couple years ago and realized that I hadn’t actually cut out that many.  Darn!  If you’ve ever made a Bonnie Hunter quilt, you know there are hundreds of little pieces to her quilts.  (Maybe why I put it away?)  So I spent the past week and a half just cutting out fabrics and I don’t think I’m completely out of the woods yet because I didn’t even get to the border pieces.  I think I at least have all the pieces for the blocks cut out which is something.  I kept telling myself that what makes these quilts so awesome is the sheer number of little pieces.

pieces for quilt


Today, I got started sewing.  I decided to start with the log cabin blocks – don’t ask me why.  I got all 28 of the center quarter-square triangles done and got started sewing all 336 of the little muslin squares to the ends of all 168 of the blue log pieces.  (OK, I probably only have about 35 of those done.)  I’m pacing myself.  BUT, I did get one whole block done just to say I did it!


This is progress.  I counted and there are 28 pieces of fabric in each block!  I won’t bore you with the math of 28 blocks and then those other 28 blocks.  The key to getting this done seems to be chain piecing – just feeding one piece after the other through the machine.

chain piecing

It can get a little monotonous so I only work on the quilt for an hour or so at a time.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Rock & Roll Quilt

Happy New Year!  I’m finally getting back to some sewing and quilting which makes me happy!  I got this t-shirt quilt back from the quilters last week and managed to get the binding on in record time.


This is a t-shirt quilt made from rock concert t-shirts that one of the teachers I used to work with collected over the years.  There were a lot of t-shirts in her collection!  I think there were something like 30+ and I wanted to use the backs and the fronts for most of them.  I puzzle pieced them together and used as little sashing as I could to keep the size down.  I didn’t have any border but my quilter suggested I add something to keep things from stretching so I added a 1.5 inch border that acts as a “picture frame” for the blocks.


Check out the extra wide backing fabric that I found at  It looks like old, ratty blue jeans and goes perfectly with the rock & roll theme.

I can’t wait to return my friend’s t-shirts all made into a quilt!