I was able to do a little more holiday sewing this week.  I bought a gift last weekend that was a weird shape and I was wondering what to do with it as far as wrapping or putting it in a card.  Someone suggested I make a stocking to put it in and I loved that idea.

One reason I loved the idea so much was because the person I bought the gift for will soon be joining our family.  (Excited clapping!)

Anyway, I haven’t made any stockings for quite a while.  I actually threw out our families’ stockings a year or so ago because they were old and dated and we weren’t really using them.  Long ago, I bought a fabric panel with printed stockings that you just cut out and put together.  This was before we had kids but somehow I ended up with exactly four.  Hmmm.

There were all kinds of patterns and directions online but I couldn’t find anything simple and easy.  I finally settled on using the tutorial from  but making my own pattern from an old stocking I had here.


So I doubled the fabric with wrong sides together and cut out 2 for the outside and 2 for the lining.


I sewed the lining to the outside for the front and the back and then sewed those together with right sides together.  Leave a small opening in the lining to turn everything right side out.


Then you just fold the cuff over and you’re done.  I wanted to applique an initial or something to personalize but that’s where it got tricky.  Now I see why some of the patterns had a separate piece for the cuff.  It would be much easier to applique or embroider a separate piece of fabric and then add it.  (You know I always do things the hard way.)  I used double sided fusible interfacing for the letter but when I went to machine stitch around, I just couldn’t maneuver that little opening in my machine.  I ended up doing a straight stitch close to the edge of the letter which is called raw edge applique.  They probably won’t be washed or used very much so hopefully it will be OK.  Now I just have to add a fabric loop for hanging and another gift is done!

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