Some Holiday Sewing

I’ve been wrestling with a very large t-shirt quilt for several weeks now but I’m finally just about finished and ready to move on to other projects.  Christmas is only weeks away and I was asked to make a nurse/doctor bag for my niece by my mom.  Apparently one of my nieces asked for a Pogo stick for Christmas so my mom thought her sister should have a medical kit handy.  My mom is a nurse so she was able to find the tools necessary to make a well stocked nurse/doctor bag.  She just needed a bag.

I found a pattern for a rounded purse which I thought looked like the old time-y doctors bags and Joann’s had their patterns on sale for $1.99 so that’s where I started.

I haven’t followed a sewing pattern in a while so it was rough.  Plus I really don’t like to follow those directions because I always seem to have a slight modification that I want to make and then things don’t go well.  With this pattern, I wanted to change the handle.  I couldn’t find just the right leather type handle that I wanted so I had to use a set of wooden handles.  A little weird I know, but I was trying to take some shortcuts.

making the bag

There was some pinning and stabbing.  I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to quit after the first side.  I re-pinned this thing about 4 times because I couldn’t get it just right.  But I kept at it and got the sides on.  Then the lining had to be added.

bag lining

I actually had to sew it in by hand so that it would attach to the zipper.

medical bag

And the finished bag.  It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but I think it will do.

Mom wanted a caduceus (I learned a new word there) on the side so I found one on the internet and tried out those iron-on transfer sheets.  Since the bag was dark colored, I had to get the ones made especially for transferring onto dark colored fabrics as most are made to use on white or light colored t-shirts.  I learned all kinds of new things with this project.  Who knows; maybe my niece will learn all kinds of new things with her medical kit and decide to become a nurse someday.  Mom would definitely love that.

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