My sewing machine is calling me…

I’m in the process of moving my sewing stuff into what used to be our spare bedroom/son’s room.  He moved his stuff out and I took my time cleaning & repainting the trim.  The room isn’t huge so I want to make the space as practical as I can.  The bad thing about moving from the basement is that now I don’t have space to lay the pieces on the floor and move things around.  I need to expand my design wall and use that space instead so everything is still a work in progress.

I keep walking past the room wishing I had some time to sew in my new space but things are busy this time of year.  I miss my sewing time.  I did have a few minutes to plan out the Flags of the World quilt and was running into some problems because I had originally planned to put white sashing around the blocks.  It just didn’t look right because a lot of flags are white or have white edges.  I couldn’t tell where the flags started and the sashing ended.

I found a flag quilt online where the maker made the flags the size of a standard sheet of computer paper which is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.  I think this is a brilliant idea because the flags will end up rectangle and I can always draw out & paper piece the more intricate flags – like the British flag.  The finished blocks will be 8 x 10 1/2 inches.  I like the idea of not adding sashing; to just put the flags together side by side.  If I do 5 flags wide by 7 flags long, the quilt would be 52 x 56 inches without borders.

I was able to test out a couple flags after school today and I really like this size:

flag blocks

Maybe I can use the old blocks on the back somehow if I ever get time to finish it!

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