Catching Up on my 1930’s Farmer’s Wife Blocks

I finally found some time to do a couple new Farmer’s Wife blocks this week.  (I’m behind but who’s keeping track?)  I managed to get 2 done this week.

Here’s #86, Priscilla:

#86 Priscilla

And #75, Nan:

#75, Nan

So my total count is now 16 blocks out of 99 or however many it takes to make a queen sized quilt.  I’m making these with my sewing machine and mostly using the templates from the book.

30's Farmers Wife blocks

I got to thinking that while I’m working on these (ever so slowly), maybe I should pull out my other 1930’s project and do one block each time I make one of the Farmer’s Wife blocks.

Glorified 9 patch

I’ve been working on these Glorified 9 patch blocks for around four years now.  The 9 patch part isn’t hard but all the curved piecing is tedious.  So I made this block right after making my two Farmer’s Wife blocks.  We’ll see if I can make any progress this way.  I just really want to finish up some of my unfinished projects and move on to other things.

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