Scrappy Tree Quilts

I’ve been working on putting the binding on these beauties for the last 2 weeks!  It feels like I’ve been moving in slow motion.

tree quiltsI sent my scrappy “Acorns Promise” and “Crabapple”  tree quilts off to the quilters and I’m so happy with how they turned out!  I found a long arm quilter in the area called Custom Quilts & More who are the husband and wife team of Aaron & Sheryl Hulse.  I believe Aaron does most of the quilting and Sheryl helps with drop off and pick up and ideas for thread colors and quilting design.

Acorns Promise blockI think Aaron did a great job quilting big, leafy swirls on this quilt.

Crabapples quiltAnd this one is a tighter swirl with leaves.

I’m so happy to get 2 more quilts finished!

Tiny House Quilt is finished!

I finished another one!  Here’s the Tiny House quilt all finished up.

Tiny House quiltSorry about the photo; can you tell I’ve been super busy lately?  I can’t even take the time to make sure my photo is straight.  I can’t believe I thought that the “Big Stitch” quilting was going to go faster.  Of course it took me about a month to find the right thread and needles so that was one of the hold-ups on this quilt.

quiltingI definitely recommend using a needle threader.  With the extra big threads, you want to go with as small a needle as you can and you’re gonna want a needle threader.  I didn’t have one and had to use a larger needle.  (I’m happy I can pass along my lessons learned from all my mistakes.)  Also, with the big needle and such a small quilt, I ditched the quilting hoop right away.  I just couldn’t get the needle to go in and out with the fabric too taut.  It seemed like this type of quilting takes just as long as regular hand quilting.

big stitch quiltingIt does give a rustic or folksy element to the quilt so that’s a lot of fun.  I didn’t quilt this quilt too heavily since it’s so tiny.

Tiny houses quiltI think I’m going to give this big stitch quilting another try on my bigger house quilt but this time I want to try an all over pattern like a fan or something.  I’ll keep you posted…

“Charlotte’s Web” Quilt top finished!

I’ve been away from my blog for a while but I’ve been busy trying to finish up some projects.  I got this quilt top finished finally!  This is my spiderweb quilt that I used my fabric selvages and all the fabrics that I could find with words on them, which is why I call it “Charlotte’s Web”.  It’s taken me about 2 years to finish but it was so fun.  You might remember that I was playing around with some different border options but I ended up going with just something simple.

Charlotte's Web quilt

This is a busy scrap quilt and the actual pattern I was using didn’t have a border.  I wanted just a little something for around those spiderwebs so that the binding doesn’t end up right on top of them.  You might recognize this border from the charity quilt I finished last month.  I thought it would be a good option for this quilt.

Charlotte's Web quilt

It has a real Halloween vibe too so I think I finished it just in time!