Quick Kids Quilt

I picked up a charity quilt kit at the last quilt meeting of one of the quilt guilds I belong to.  That was in June and we were asked to finish the quilt top and bring it back this fall.  I’ve had it all summer and I decided I needed to get it finished.  It’s a child sized quilt and the blocks went together VERY quickly.  I actually finished the blocks and put them together in an afternoon.

kids quilty

It looks like a boy would really like this fabric theme!

You can see that the blocks are super simple – just 4 pieces.  So this quilt is called “Wiggly Worms” and after I got the middle section put together and had run out of fabric pieces, I realized that I was going to need to add some fabric to it for borders.

wiggly worms center

Here Shadow is pointing out that we need to add something.

I dug through my stash and found just the right fabrics.  It needed a small inner border and a 4 inch outer border.

Wiggly Worms quilt

Now you probably get the whole wiggly worm thing!  The instructions came with a pattern for the worm heads and the kit included the fabric pieces, I just had to draw the faces & sew the heads together. The worm heads were sewn in with the border seam so they’re 3-D and flop around a bit.  I’m not sure if they’ll be quilted down or left to flop around.

I really like the way this border attaches.  It wasn’t too hard to add; I only had to do inset seams in one spot.  It’s just a little different and frames the inside of the quilt nicely.  I love trying new things because it teaches me new things.  I’m already envisioning this border on one of my quilts (without the worm heads of course)!

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