Dorm Room Project

Summer is coming to an end here and I’m trying to finish some projects.  This project has been on my to-do list for quite a while.  My daughter kept mentioning that she wanted a bedside caddy for her dorm bed so she could have a place to put her phone and glasses and things like that.  The beds in the dorm at her university are about 4 feet off the ground.  They’re too high to make into bunk beds and too low to put a desk under.  It’s a little strange.  Maybe they’re trying to discourage the kids from having bunk beds or maybe they just wanted to make room for the kids to store things or maybe they’re trying to weed the kids out.  A nasty fall from that height could make it hard to get to classes!  I just don’t know but having her phone/alarm handy would be a good thing.

She may have said I should make one or maybe I said I could make one, I can’t remember.  I thought I’d be able to find a pattern or directions online but I couldn’t find just what I was looking for.  I didn’t know exactly what size the pockets should be – what kinds of things was she going to put in there?  Anyway, long story short, we’re a couple days from moving her into her dorm and I have no bed caddy!

Inspiration hit me when I saw a photo online where someone had hung a tool belt on the wall for a top bunk caddy.  I guess I could’ve done that if I had $50 for a leather tool belt but instead, I picked up a cheap canvas tool belt at the hardware store for about $4.

inspirationPockets galore!

I thought surely I’d find a tutorial for how to make a bedside caddy from a tool pouch online but no luck.  So, here you go world, here’s my little step by step on how to make a bedside caddy from a cheap tool pouch.  Disclaimer:  I really don’t know what I’m doing.

So you have your tool pouch and a couple of fat quarters of fabric.  Cut the strings off the tool pouch and tuck the ends back.

bedside caddyCut the fabric about 1/4 inch wider than the tool belt and I went 4 1/4 inches at the top.  Then I took that fabric piece and cut the same size from another piece of fabric.  I just thought it needed the extra weight for stability plus this will finish off the edges and make it look nice.

I sewed those 2 pieces with right sides together (leave most of the top open to turn) and then turned them right sides out and pressed.

making of the bedside caddyThen I had to hunt down a heavy duty needle in my mess and sew the tool caddy to the front.

making the bedside caddy2I didn’t sew the top part, just around the sides and bottom.  But then, I added a seam in the very middle so that it created 2 large pockets behind the tool belt.  I didn’t want to sew through the little pocket in the middle so I only made the seam a couple inches long.  These pockets in the back would be the perfect size for a book or Kindle.

One of the few tutorials I found online for making a bedside caddy had you add a piece of old blanket or blanket material to the top that will stick under the mattress.  I guess the blanket material isn’t too slippery so the thinking is that it’ll stay in there and not slip out too easily.  I didn’t have any old blankets so I used a little piece of cotton batting which is similar.  I’m thinking you could also use some of that rubbery- bubbly shelf liner instead.  It wouldn’t be hard to sew over and would keep the caddy from sliding out.

bedside caddyI stuck the batting between the top pieces about an inch in and then sewed the whole thing together.  I actually did three seams for extra strength.

bedside caddy from toolbeltThis could easily be decorated/personalized with fabric paints or colored markers.

And there it is.  Not a whole lot of effort went into this.  I hope it works and my daughter likes it.  Maybe I’ll put a couple of candy bars and a photo of us in there so she can’t help but like it!

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