Quilt Gardens Roadtrip

We just got back from a quick trip to Michigan for a friend’s beach wedding and I was able to convince my husband to make a little side trip to northern Indiana to see some of the Quilt Gardens there.  We just had half a day so we only saw a few of the gardens but they were pretty cool.

quilt garden

After our drive up, we had dinner in Middlebury at Das Dutchman Essenhaus so we could take care of two things – getting something to eat and finding one of the quilt gardens.  We had a thirty minute wait for dinner so we ran across the street to get some pictures of the garden quilt there.

They’re hard to photograph without an airplane or drone (I gotta get me one of those) but this one was on a little bit of a hill so you can see the quilt block.  They’re also very large; the sign suggested that someone get into the photo so you can see the scale.  I guess the photo with me in the garden is on my husband’s phone and he’s off finishing his vacation week on a fishing trip so I apologize.

This part of Indiana is Amish country so there are some pretty sights.

Along with the Quilt Gardens on the Heritage Trail, there are also quilt murals that you have to look for.  We found this one near our first quilt garden.

quilt mural

The following morning, we found this garden in Elkhart at Linton’s Enchanted Gardens.


It was really big and impossible to get the whole thing in the photo.


Each garden and mural has a sign telling about that quilt block.

We also found this little guy at the enchanted gardens.


The signs came in handy when we saw this next garden.  We couldn’t figure out what block it was supposed to be and it seems like maybe the blooms on this one were past their prime.  It’s actually a trumpet.


The Quilt Gardens were fun; I wish we had time to see more of them but it was a nice side trip.  I’m not sure how many gardens there are but they suggest you allow yourself 2 to 3 days to see them all plus the other sites in the area.  And so you never get tired of seeing them, they change the patterns every year!

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