Mystery Block #6

This is the last block for the mystery quilt that I’m doing with my local quilt guild.

mystery block #6

The instructions called for us to go ahead and put the 6 blocks together along with the hourglass blocks that we made last month and a couple of rows of blocks that we made this month.  I didn’t use the suggested layout but mixed mine up some.  I just thought they looked best with this arrangement.

mystery blocks

There’s a lot of red and a lot going on here!  The hourglass blocks at the top and bottom are more borders that we had to make this month but we’re not supposed to add them yet.  I think there are several borders for this quilt that we’re adding later.  It’s still a mystery how it’ll turn out!  We still have a couple more months to go until we’re finished so there’s still a chance it won’t be awful.  Come back next month and see how things are shaping up.

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