New Farmer’s Wife project!

1930's Farmer's WifeMy new 1930’s Farmer’s Wife quilt book recently came in the mail!  It was almost exactly 4 years ago when I started the original Farmer’s Wife quilt and enough time has passed that I’m ready to do another.  This quilt is based on letters from a column in The Farmer’s Wife magazine called “Letters From Our Farm Women” that were published from 1930-1939.  Those were some tough times and the letters describe the lives of these women beautifully.  The author & quilt designer, Laurie Aaron Hird, made these blocks in 1930’s type fabrics.  I don’t know if she had actual feed sacks or if she used reproduction fabric.  I’m going to try to make my blocks with similar fabrics.

There are 99 blocks in this book and if you make them all, you’ll have a king size quilt.  94 blocks are needed for the queen size and 84 for the twin-size.  The quilt is designed with the blocks set on point with white fabric used for the setting fabric.  The design in the book has you take four blocks (or more or less depending on the quilt size)and cut them in half to use at the top and bottom.  I don’t like the idea of cutting the blocks in half but I’m not sure how I would make this quilt if I didn’t do that.  There’s plenty of time to figure that out I guess.

The good news about this book is that the publishers have included better cutting directions.  The CD-ROM included with the book now has paper piecing directions, 3 pages of rotary cutting directions for some of the blocks and templates that are now broken up so that all the templates for one block are included in one page.  The first book had one template on each page which was a terrible waste of paper.

I decided to go the template route since that’s how I did my last Farmer’s Wife quilt.  I had a method going and it worked out pretty well.

First I printed out the templates and cut them out:

templatesThen I actually cut those pieces out of fabric using a small ruler and a small rotary cutter.  A swivel cutting board would also be great for this.

cutting out the piecesSo far, I’ve made three blocks:

#48 Judy#48 Judy

#45 Jenny#45 Jenny

#43 Hope#43 Hope

These blocks measure 6 inches finished and of course, all the blocks in the book are different.  That’s the addictive part.  They’re all so pretty and you think, oh I’ll make this one, and then maybe I’ll make this one too, etc…  I dragged all my 1930’s looking fabric out but I didn’t have as much as I thought.  I found last time that a layer cake worked great because you need a big variety of fabrics but only a small amount of each.  And if they’re the same fabric line, they’ll go together well.  I’ll be on the hunt for a 30’s layer cake now.

I hope you’ll make this quilt with me or at least follow along on my journey as I make my Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler quilt.

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