Spiderweb Quilt almost finished

I finished all the spiderweb blocks this past week and got them put together over the weekend.

spiderweb quilt

I had a hard time getting the whole thing into the picture so I took it outside and took a picture from the deck.  But wait, it’s not finished yet…

extra pieces

I had about 100 of these little pieces left over from a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that I was going to do a couple years ago so I thought I could use them somehow for a border.

spiderweb border

I added an orange block and some triangle pieces to make a border.


The question now is which way do I orient the border pieces?

border pieces

I may even try to add a thin border between this pieced border and the quilt center.  I still have to cut and piece the rest of the border and the border corners so I have a little more time to decide.

I’m so happy to finish this quilt; mainly because digging through my scraps to make each pie piece created a huge mess.  While I worked on this, there were little bits of fabric everywhere!  My scrap bin is still full though so I guess there will be more scrap quilts in my future.

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