New Project

While I’m busy with the boring work of sewing little strips for my spider web quilt or making a few more houses; I wanted to share a new project that I’ve started.  The April issue of American Patchwork & Quilting had a great article about Judy Niemeyer and her company, Quiltworx.  I LOVE these beautiful and intricate quilts that she designs.  The article also talked about her home and retreat center in Montana and how she incorporates natural elements from her surroundings into her quilts and fabrics.

After reading the article and looking the retreat center up online, I was ready to sign up!  But it’s a popular place and seems to be already booked up for the summer.  I felt like I should try making one of her quilts first so I picked one of the easier patterns and ordered it.  I knew all her quilts were foundation pieced but you know I enjoy a paper pieced pattern.

quiltworx patternWhen this packet came in the mail, it was a little daunting.  It was a lot like buying a pattern to make a piece of clothing.  Lots of instructions and papers.  I chose this pattern called “Vintage Compass” because I really like the look and it’s supposed to be one of the easier patterns.

20150313_161748I set to work cutting out all the pieces.


Then, as the instructions said, I organized them into Ziploc bags with the correct labels.


My next step is to decide on colors and fabrics and get those cut out.  The pattern fabrics are subdued but I think I’d like to make this compass in bright colors.  My plan is to get the fabrics and have them all cut out so that when school is out in May and my husband is gone for his week of cadet camp; I’ll have my own little sewing retreat!  I figure if everything is cut out and ready to go, I’ll be able to get the whole quilt put together …  or I’ll just be fighting with fabrics and papers for a week but I guess we’ll see.

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