Mystery Block #2

The weather has become Spring-like and beautiful here and I’ve come out of my house like a mole from it’s dark tunnel.  Everyone is smiling and staring up at the sun like we’re seeing an old forgotten friend.  Needless to say, I’m not getting much sewing done.  Yesterday, I just sat out on the porch with my kitty and soaked up the warm sun!  Sometimes you gotta do that.

Last night I got the instructions for the next block of the mystery quilt and I ran home and started cutting fabric.  It was like that scene from “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie gets the code from the radio show and tries to figure out the secret message – except I wasn’t in the bathroom.

Mystery block #2
Here it is!


I like this block but I’m not sure if it “goes” with the first block.  I might have to re-make the first block.  Maybe when we get farther into this project, it’ll all make sense.

I’ve also been working on my Morley J. Moose.  I traced him last fall after I got the pattern but then I got busy with other things.

Morley moose

He is such a groovy Moose!  So, I have this part done but I’m having trouble with the background.  I tried to follow the directions for the color scheme of the background strips but I feel like it’s just too colorful and busy.


I like the whole striped background part but I think I may try a more subdued color scheme.  When I figure that out, I’ll share this whole project.  Right now, I think I’ll go outside and think about what colors to use while I enjoy the sunshine!

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