Pink Disappearing 4 Patch

I’ve been seeing this quilt all over the internet and I wanted to give it a try.  I love these “trick” blocks.  This quilt is usually made with charm square packs.  You need a light colored fabric pack and a dark colored but it would probably work with just about any fabrics.  I picked out a couple yards of pretty pinks so it would have a Valentine feel.  Then I had to cut out 5 inch blocks to use.  If you go the charm pack route, all the beginning cutting is already done.

4 patchIsn’t this little bumblebee fabric cute?  It’s a Tula Pink fabric.  Anyway, for this crazy block, you make a regular 4 patch.

4 patch cut upThen make a cut 1 inch from the center seam in each direction and you get 9 pieces.

Disappearing 4 patchThen you swap/flop the top 2 outside squares with each other and do the same with the bottom 2 squares.

disappearing 4 patchThen turn the middle square and it should look like the picture above.  Sew the block together.

I put them on my design wall one way.

Disappearing 4 patch quiltI thought it looked cute but then I turned the blocks…

disappearing 4 patch blocksI like this layout much better.  It’s funny though because the 4 patch came back.  The blocks turn out to be 8 inches finished so I think I’ll use a total of 20.  I really wanted to bring in some yellow to show off the bumblebee wings so I found a picture with little stars in the sashing and I tried that.

star sashingI just did a little bit so I could see how it looked.  I didn’t like it.  The yellow didn’t pop out from the pink and it just did nothing for the quilt.  I may add a tiny yellow border along with a larger pink border or one of those quilt bindings with a yellow piping.  I just need to find the right color yellow.

So that’s one version of the Disappearing 4 patch.  I’ll post more photos when I finish.

disappearing 4 patch blocks

One thought on “Pink Disappearing 4 Patch

  1. I’ve always wanted to try this pattern. I love the look of the tiny 4 patches and the look of sashing. I don’t have any quilts to display for February. I’ll have to think about this one. I love your color combination!

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