One Project Done – One Project Gets the Ax

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week so I haven’t gotten much done.  I did get the borders put on the little Disappearing 4 Patch quilt.

Disappearing 4 patchThis is a great size for a baby quilt.  I’m thinking of backing it in flannel so I can use it for that.  I also made one house and one tree block this week.

I bought the Kansas City Star on the day this month’s block came out (11 days ago).  I looked at it with all the applique flowers and leaves and put it away.  This week I was going to force myself to work on it but decided I needed more white fabric.  That was my excuse.  I really don’t think I’m going to be able to finish this quilt.  Life is short and there are so many other quilts I want to make.  The first block turned out cute though and will make a great pillow cover!

In other news, I’ve seen this quilt-along around the web:

I need to go out and find the April issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine because it has 3 different quilts that use the good old 4 Patch block.  I guess quilt bloggers all over have been making 4 patch blocks in anticipation of the magazine coming out – hence the “quilt along”.  I’ll probably have to put the magazine away for later because I DO NOT need to start any new projects.

Tiny Trees

I’ve been working on some tiny trees to go with my tiny houses.  I got the block from EQ7 and made it very small.  I also took the same block and modified it a little to make a slightly different block.

tiny tree

tiny forestI think the trees break up the houses a little.

Tiny villiageI’ll probably make a couple more tree blocks so they can be scattered throughout the quilt.  Then I need to get back to making the houses. (I haven’t made any houses since January!)  The other thing I would love to have in this quilt, if I can figure out how to do it, is a clothesline with a quilt on it.  The blocks are so tiny though that I’m not sure if I can make it work.

Tiny house quiltHere’s my tiny village – a work in progress.

Mystery Block #1

The quilt guild I belong to, The Magic City Piece Makers, recently started a mystery quilt.  This is my first mystery quilt (if you don’t count the Bonnie Hunter one I quit after she said to cut 200 something little squares the first month).  I agonized over my fabric selections for over a month.  I’m still not sure about a couple of the fabrics but we’ll see how things go.  We got the instructions for the first block a week or so ago and I ran home and started working on it.

mystery block 1

The medium brown was the fabric I wasn’t sure about.  The geometric pattern doesn’t really go with the others but it was hard to find the perfect medium brown.  I’ll probably wait until I have more blocks to see how things look before I re-make anything.  In any case, the first block is done!

A Valentine’s Quilt

Valentine's quiltI wanted to share a quilt that I made a couple years ago.  I think of it as my “Valentine’s Quilt”.  It’s actually called “Miss Jump’s Broken Hearts Quilt” from the Star Quilt Company and it was designed by Linda Brannock.  My brother gave me the pattern for Christmas a few years ago and I think he got it at Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  It was really interesting & different to make.  The pattern calls for you to stack 6 to 8 coordinating fat quarters on top of each other and cut all the pieces out, then you mix them up and sew them together.  This method was fun but I felt like there were a lot of fabric scraps left over so it was a little wasteful.  Of course I have no problem using up those scraps for another project!

Valentine's quilt I  made my quilt a little smaller than the pattern called for but I just wanted a wall hanging or throw size. I had fun quilting it on my sewing machine with swirls and hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tiny Church

I was getting a little bored with the tiny houses so I made a tiny church to go with them.

tiny church

I found a church block on my EQ7 and modified it to match with the tiny houses.  I didn’t get it turned the right way but I didn’t realize that until it was finished.  There were some very tiny pieces so I wasn’t sure if things were going to look right.

tiny houses

It turned out cute but now I’m wondering what else I could make.  A barn? A school?  So many possibilities.


I’m so excited about this bag of scraps I bought this past week.  They’re small scraps but perfect for these tiny houses.  Hopefully I can get some more made this week.

Pink Disappearing 4 Patch

I’ve been seeing this quilt all over the internet and I wanted to give it a try.  I love these “trick” blocks.  This quilt is usually made with charm square packs.  You need a light colored fabric pack and a dark colored but it would probably work with just about any fabrics.  I picked out a couple yards of pretty pinks so it would have a Valentine feel.  Then I had to cut out 5 inch blocks to use.  If you go the charm pack route, all the beginning cutting is already done.

4 patchIsn’t this little bumblebee fabric cute?  It’s a Tula Pink fabric.  Anyway, for this crazy block, you make a regular 4 patch.

4 patch cut upThen make a cut 1 inch from the center seam in each direction and you get 9 pieces.

Disappearing 4 patchThen you swap/flop the top 2 outside squares with each other and do the same with the bottom 2 squares.

disappearing 4 patchThen turn the middle square and it should look like the picture above.  Sew the block together.

I put them on my design wall one way.

Disappearing 4 patch quiltI thought it looked cute but then I turned the blocks…

disappearing 4 patch blocksI like this layout much better.  It’s funny though because the 4 patch came back.  The blocks turn out to be 8 inches finished so I think I’ll use a total of 20.  I really wanted to bring in some yellow to show off the bumblebee wings so I found a picture with little stars in the sashing and I tried that.

star sashingI just did a little bit so I could see how it looked.  I didn’t like it.  The yellow didn’t pop out from the pink and it just did nothing for the quilt.  I may add a tiny yellow border along with a larger pink border or one of those quilt bindings with a yellow piping.  I just need to find the right color yellow.

So that’s one version of the Disappearing 4 patch.  I’ll post more photos when I finish.

disappearing 4 patch blocks