Kansas City Star 2015 Quilt – The January Block

KC Star 2015 Jan

The new quilt project  for 2015 came out last weekend in the Kansas City Star.  It’s called “Hazel’s Diary” and it’s a ’50’s themed quilt based on the diary of Hazel Hyde.  It was designed and made by her daughter, Shelly Pagliai.

I like the summer-y look of it and all the flowers, although I cringed when I saw all that applique.  I really liked last year’s quilt but didn’t do it because of all the applique and my lack of time.  Maybe you haven’t heard how much I hate doing applique?  But this year is gonna be different.  This is the year I conquer the applique mountain!  If this first block is any indication though, it’s gonna be hard.  I tried at least 3 different applique methods on this one.

First, I tried to hand turn the little flower pieces, thinking I would hand sew them.  Then I tried the freezer paper method with my iron.  Also I tried to sew one sided fusible interfacing and turn inside out.  What!!!?  My fingers are too fat or my iron is too big or I am completely clueless.  Finally, I cut the pieces the exact size, stuck them to some double sided fusible stuff (Steam-a-Seam 2), positioned them and stuck them down with the iron and machine appliqued with a fancy applique stitch.  Whew.  That’s why I hate applique – there’s too many steps.  The reason I didn’t just do fusible stuff first is that I don’t like all that stiffness.  I made a quilt with it many years ago and had a terrible time quilting it.

The pieced parts of the block were super easy and I just pulled pieces out of my stash.  It called for a white with green polka dots that I didn’t have so I used something similar.  I thought to simplify the outer frame but it just didn’t look right and I think that splash of color looks nice in the quilt so I did it according to the directions.

I hope you join me on this one to share my pain and give me any tips you have.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City Star 2015 Quilt – The January Block

  1. Do you use Steam a Seam Lite? I thought that was less stiff. I also don’t do applique but I’m going to try this year! How did you make the scalloped edge? Is it curved sewing our do you have to applique the whole block down? I looked at the pattern for this year and decided too much applique for me. The fact that the pattern wasn’t free this year also helped me decide!P

    1. Cheryl, I guess you have to buy the pattern to get the templates. Darn. If you really want to have a go at it; I’ll mail you my newspaper. I should use Steam-a-seam lite & I will next time. I just grabbed what I had and remembered after why I didn’t like using it. The scalloped edge is supposed to be a whole piece appliqued around the edges. I didn’t do it like that because I just figured that out as well. The pattern wasn’t too clear about that so I made a separate piece for each side. I appliqued the corner sides but I thought it was a little strange. Apparently the quilt designer has a blog as well : http://www.hazelsdiary.wordpress.com

  2. I’m going to try a couple of patterns this year with applique – Edyta Sitar’s Rainbow Nest and the Snow Happy Hearts from Anne Sutton. Hoping I learn something. Really just planning to do raw edge by machine with fusible. If I tried freezer paper and needle turn, I know that I would never finish!

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