Projects and Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone out there in blog-land!

I’ve had a busy few weeks of holidays and family and thinking about what to make this year.  I didn’t get around to making any Christmas-y things this year, although I should have.  We desperately need a new tree skirt and stockings.  It’s just that when I decide we need these, I’m busy with Christmas stuff and don’t have time to make them.  I guess I need to put that on my agenda for July.

I’ve been over at Pinterest which I try hard not to do because it sucks up all my time.  Why is that place so addicting to look at?  It’s like a glossy magazine with new pages everyday.  Anyway, I saw this quilt on there that spoke to me.  It’s from a fellow quilt blogger in The Netherlands, Jeanneke, who has the blog;

She actually started making little house blocks everyday and posting them on her blog.  They are so cute!

Little houses

The houses are 3.5 inches unfinished and the quilt pattern contains 365 little houses and one big house in the middle.  Apparently, in 2013, there was an exhibition of house quilts that people who followed her blog had made.  Some of the exhibition quilts can be seen on her blog.

I like that some house quilts were made with pastels, some with mostly reds and pinks, some with darker fabrics; they were all very different.  Some had all the houses and some had just a few houses.

So, I purchased the pattern on her Etsy shop and downloaded the directions.  I figure even if I make only one a week, that’s 56 blocks and a quilt that will be 21″ x 24″(without any sashing & borders).  I decided to use fabric colors that I’ve used in decorating my home so I could make it into a wall hanging for my hall or stairway.

Little houses

My houses are all going to have red doors apparently.  Not sure what that says about me.

I know what you’re thinking – “Kim, what about all those projects you haven’t finished yet?”  I know, I know!  I need to finish some of those but it’s a new year and everyone wants a fresh, new project.  This one takes only mere minutes a day and BAM- you got yourself a quilt at the end of the year.  However, I have resolved to set aside 2 hours a week to work on old, unfinished projects.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m pretty sure that’s gonna cut into my Pinterest time and maybe even my working out time.

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