A Quilt from A Kit

I purchased a little quilt kit while I was at the Des Moines Quilt Show and I finally got around to finishing the top.  If you’ve ever bought a quilt kit you know that it seems to be a time saver with usually everything right in the kit.  Usually they contain the pattern and color coordinated fabrics which may or may not include the binding fabric.

I purchased this Schnibbles by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. kit from the Gruber’s Quilt Shop booth at the show.

Mercerie quilt pattern

The pattern is called “Mercerie” by Carrie L. Nelson and the kit came with the lovely French General fabrics that I talked about in my last post.  This kit came with 34 little pieces of coordinating French General fabrics, a brown fabric for the binding and a cream fabric for the background.  I believe that I got 2 extra little pieces by accident because there are 16 blocks containing 2 fabrics each plus the background.  That threw me off a little bit.  It’s kind’ve like putting together some furniture from IKEA but then you have extra pieces.  Uh oh, what did I do wrong.

The problem I have with kits is that they put the fabric in but you have to figure out what goes with what.  Putting fabrics together is a challenge for me; I just have a hard time deciding what colors go together or what patterns look good next to each other.  This pattern wasn’t too bad since all the fabrics were either dark or light so you just put a dark with a light and they were all in the same fabric line (I think) so they all went well together.  It was just really a matter of making up my mind.

I did make a quilt from a kit a few years ago where there were 120 different fabrics.  Each group of 2 fabrics made 2 blocks and they contrasted greatly.  They were reproduction fabrics so they all had the same antique look to them at least but it was a real challenge for me to figure out what went with what.

Free Time quilt

I gave away my pattern for this quilt so I don’t have any information about it- shame on me.  I think it’s interesting that it’s a very similar pattern as the “Mercerie” quilt that I’m currently working on.

So the quilt blocks of “Mercerie” went together very easily and it’s small so there weren’t too many to make.  Here’s a picture of laying them out as I make them.

Mercerie quilt blocks

If you spotted the problem, you are light years ahead of me.  Did I mention I’ve been super busy lately and in a hurry?

Mercerie quilt

That’s right.  I laid the blocks out going the wrong direction!  Guess what?  I’m not taking it apart.  I do like the way the original pattern looks better but I don’t have the time or energy to fix this one.  I may make another in the future and point it in the right direction.  I actually bought this small quilt kit so that I would be able to practice my shape quilting that I learned in the Angela Waters workshop.  There are lots of squares and triangles in this quilt to practice on so that’s my next step.

One little rant I have about not just this pattern but some others I’ve used.  I roll my eyes when I see the phrase “using a scant 1/4 ” seam….”.  Either something is 1/4″ or it’s not!  I have a 1/4″ foot on my machine and when something says “scant” I try to go just inside of that seam guide but I’m not very accurate with EVERY seam.  The measurements of the inside part of this quilt were all over the place.  I realize you cannot copyright a quilt block but you can copyright a set of directions or a way of making the block but when I see that phrase it says to me – this may or may not work out perfectly.  OK, got that off my chest.

I had lots of scraps with this quilt which oddly enough, makes me extremely excited.  They are going in my scrap pile and I can’t wait to see them in other projects.  I’m finding more & more that my favorite projects to work on are the scrap quilts.  There’s just something about putting these little orphan fabric pieces together to create something new and beautiful that I find fun.

more scraps

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