More Tiny Blocks


Forgive me while I figure out the world of the smartphone. My two experts are off at college so I have to learn this the hard way. I’m still working on my house but I managed to make a couple more of these 4 inch blocks from the “Roaring Through the 20’s” book by Carolyn McCormick.
It seems like there are tons of fall fabrics and patterns out now and I would love to start a new project (probably why I keep buying new books). But I need to finish some old projects and I seem to have some for all seasons!

T-shirt Quilt Almost Finished

T-shirt quilt top

With just a few days to go before she leaves for college, I got my daughter’s t-shirt quilt top finished.  I had the plan but just had to order more fabric.  I used the black fabric behind the shirt blocks to give a shadow effect and help to place them because they were all different sizes.  Then I added a little color with the checkerboard border on top and the little flair at the bottom also helped to even things up.

checkerboard border

name blocks

I like to add a lot of personalization to these quilts.  Now it goes on the pile to be quilted and I’ll have a little time to figure out what color I’ll bind it in.  To keep it simple, I’ll probably use the same grey as the background.