Comfort Quilt

I pulled my sewing machine out for an emergency session this past week.  I learned that someone close to me has the big “C” – cancer.  He starts his radiation treatment today and I didn’t really know what to do for him and his family.  I thought maybe a lap quilt and some freezer meals would be a small comfort.

I looked online for a simple, easy pattern and found a picture of a charity quilt that was pretty.  I whipped up a quilt pattern that was similar but a little smaller.  Then I looked through my stash to see what I had that I could use.  I decided to make a patriotic quilt since this person is a veteran and I threw in some fabric with musical notes because he’s very musical.

Caring Quilt

I usually like to use cotton batting or a cotton/poly blend but to save time; I found a fusible batting that I thought I would try.  It’s called Quilter’s Fusible Batting by June Tailor.  It did save some time.  It’s very stiff and it seemed a little lofty to me even though it’s called a low loft. You just iron the whole quilt sandwich together to fuse.   After I quilted everything together (very simply) and added the binding, I washed the quilt and that helped soften it up.

Caring quilt

It’s a very bright quilt!  I used some Project Linus “Hugs for Heroes” fabric for the backing and binding which shows Snoopy in different uniforms.  I really hope this quilt can be a source of comfort for this special person as he goes through treatment.

2 thoughts on “Comfort Quilt

  1. Beautiful, I hope your friend does well and the love that is stitched in the quilt will bring comfort.

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