Some Favorite Quilts

I’ve been cleaning and painting and packing to get ready for our move.  I’d much rather be sewing or quilting.  But while packing up all these quilts, it’s been fun to look at some of my favorites.

This one I made for my daughter.

Sunflower quilt

It’s a Sunflower quilt for my Kansas baby.  I started the quilt in 1997 and finally finished it in 2011.  The block is not actually a sunflower block but some other flower.  I thought it was a dahlia but not sure about that.

Sunflower block

The middle petals are gathered and eased into the block before adding the  appliqued center.  That’s why it took me so many years to finish.  It was a tough block for a new quilter.  When I started the quilt; I found this fabric that I used for the back.  It has little sayings on it and I thought it would be perfect to pass on to my daughter.

backing fabric

Another favorite of mine is made completely of Batik fabrics.  It was so much fun to find and collect all the fabrics.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Batik that I don’t love.

Crazy Drunken Curves quilt

This quilt was great practice in sewing curves!  I used the Crazy Curves templates from Elisa’s Backporch and the Circle Dance Pattern that came with the templates.  Cutting the pieces out was so easy with these templates.  I was actually surprised how quick and easy  the whole quilt went together.  The colors are so bright and cheerful; it makes me happy!

Crazy Drunken Circles quilt

I made this quilt while living in Heidelberg, Germany.

Trip Across Europe quilt

It’s called “Trip Across Europe” and it was a block of the month class at the Arts & Crafts center.  It was designed by a fellow Army wife, Kristin LaFlamme, who is a textile genius.  This is how I learned paper piecing and after a year of it, I had it down.

Eifel tower block

This is so much more than a quilt to me; it’s memories of my time in Europe.

Swiss block    Europe blocks








Europe blocksEngland block

I hope you enjoyed my little show & tell.  Now I have to get back to packing.  I have to tell you, all these quilts make great packing material.  I was packing some dishes and I looked over at that stack of quilts and thought; why not?

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