My First Quilt

I’m still waiting on fabric, which is back-ordered.  But it’s actually fine because I’ve been swamped with all the logistical coordination of moving and haven’t had much time for sewing.  I thought I would share the very first quilt I made with you.

I don’t have my first quilt any longer and really couldn’t tell you what happened to it.  I do have pictures.  I made it in 1991.  My husband was stationed overseas a month after we were married that year and I stayed here in the states to finish my last semester of college and then go to my officer basic course as well.  I tried to keep myself busy so I asked my grandma, who was a very talented seamstress and quilter, to show me how to make a quilt.

She helped me pick out a pattern and fabrics from her stash.  It was an appliqued heart design.  She showed me how to applique on her machine and then how to put the blocks together.  I worked on it over the summer and must have taken it with me to finish when I went for a visit to Germany.

I’m not sure if I asked my husband or I just made up my own mind but I hung that heart quilt up on the wall in his bachelor quarters.

First quilt

What man doesn’t want a flowery heart quilt hanging on his wall?  Obviously, I knew he was a keeper.  The only thing he said was when we have our own house someday, I shouldn’t hang tapestries all over it.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Looking at the picture of this quilt reminds me how far I’ve come as a quilter.  I’m not sure if any of the lines were straight but I had fun making that quilt with my grandma and I’ve learned so many things to improve my quilting over the years.  Grandma would be AMAZED at all the cool tools we have now to make quilting easier.